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  • Tammy Herbert

Trauma and Helping

This week on Edmonton radio, there was a meaningful conversation about how trauma can affect mental health.

The focus was on those displaced due to wildfires in our province and how they may be able to cope with the stress of the initial crisis but have long-lasting effects. This happens with any adversity or trauma, and though impacts vary, months down the line, people can experience struggles.

Caring for our mental health is crucial, especially after trauma. Coping skills, support, and rest boost resilience and promote well-being.

For some, though, it's too much. Providing for themselves and their family can be challenging when facing tough times. That's why organizations like Building Hope are here to help with the basics and give support during difficult times.

We need your help because we want to be a part of the solution, to walk with... to help those who need it most.

To support our staff in bringing help and hope to Northeast Edmonton:

Building Hope can always use extra hands to care for those seeking help.

Interview by Shaye Ganam of Dr. Matthew Chow, Chief Medical Officer, Telus Health

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